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Planet Parsons 238

Robin Williams
Tate Modern
Love & Sunshine

Planet Parsons 237

24 thousand Bicycles
London Rib Experience
Elephantom Ross Collins
New London Theatre
Science Museum
Red Arrows 3D Simulator
Super Moon Meteor Shower
Before I go to Sleep SJ Watson
Jazz FM
Love & Sunshine

Planet Parsons 236

WW1 Candle between 10 & 11pm
Sir Terry with a Moustache
Love, Sunshine & Peace

Planet Parsons 235

Seaside trip
getting the Tent up & down
BBC Radio 2
Jarrod Lawson
World War 1
Love Sunshine & Peace

Lynn Parsons

...has been broadcasting and producing her own radio shows for over 30 years.

She's been podcasting from the chalet at the bottom of her garden since August 2005 with The Chalet Show and The Red Light Zone.