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Planet Parsons 216

Pat Sharp’s Ray Bans Shhhh!
Love & Sunshine

Planet Parsons 215

Grenada West Indies
ECO Island
Underwater Statues
British Sculptor Jason Taylor
The Grenada Chocolate Company Photos on twitter
Jazz Fm
BBC Radio 2
Love & Sunshine

Planet Parsons 214

Afternoon Sunshine
David Garrett Caprice
Beards on Men!!!!
Love & Sunshine
Repairs & Spring clean to computer
Speak next week…

Planet Parsons 213

Full Moon
Jamie Cullum
Huey Morgan fun loving criminals
Bob Harris history lesson
Sam Cooke A change is gonna come
Wincey Willis The Courtyard Hereford 22nd May
Love & Sunshine

Planet Parsons 212

Blood Red Moons
Total eclipse of the Moon
Pink Moons
Giraffes at Whipsnade
photo of view from the Cafe at Whipsnade
on twitter @LynnParsonsUK
Love & Sunshine

Planet Parsons 211

Half a Jingle
London Marathon
knee support so attractive!
Fantastic Voyage
senior moment
Love & Sunshine

Planet Parsons 210

Jingles back Yay!
Charming chap on colourful Bicycle
Temporary Swimming Pools
Driving Tests
Curry at The Wedding
Dinner Ladies Thank You Victoria Wood
Love & Sunshine
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Planet Parsons 209

No Jingles?????
Peaches Geldof
Simon Seb and Dave for lunch
Pitta Bread and Hummus
Tulips War of the Worlds 1953
Msr Amour Jo and Gizi
Welcome to the World baby Elizabeth Charlotte
Love & Sunshine

Planet Parsons 208

Hurt Wrist
too much tickling!
Chelsea Football Club
The Chalet Show
The Red Light Zone
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Love & Sunshine

Planet Parsons 207

The Grand National
The Boat Race
Love & Sunshine
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Lynn Parsons

...has been broadcasting and producing her own radio shows for over 30 years.

She's been podcasting from the chalet at the bottom of her garden since August 2005 with The Chalet Show and The Red Light Zone.