Archive for August, 2008

planet parsons 103

Thunderstorm over the chalet
spooky darling
LOVE & LIGHT & an umbrella!!!

planet parsons 102

thunder fog winter
seasons of mist and mellow fruitfullness
Joan Rivers
thunder lightening
Lord Buckley
Edinburgh festival
Love & Light & loud music

planet parsons 101

return from sunshine
Kew Gardens
Russell Brand my Booky Wook
i pod bathed music in sunshine
chocolate fudge cake
Billy Jones The Rumour

planet parsons 100

You’ll need to be naked to dowload this episode
Tin tin in the house behing the sofa
I have my back to him.. no sauciness!!!
Carry on PP 100
Tin TIns blog address
strawberries pink Champagne
chocolate cake
Matthew Ebel Drive away
Love & Light
pssst… you can put your clothes back on now!

planet parsons 099

Olympic Games 8.8.8.
Rosa delia rodriguez
tomorrow PP 100
starring Tin Tin
Love & Light and Loud music

planet parsons 098

Intense Heat
Tin tin
Tuffnell park
Sound sanctuary
Daryl Hall
Matthew Ebel Lost my way
Love & Light & Loud music

Lynn Parsons

...has been broadcasting and producing her own radio shows for over 30 years.

She's been podcasting from the chalet at the bottom of her garden since August 2005 with The Chalet Show and The Red Light Zone.