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holding mic
sad news
got lost for a moment
todd rundgren Love is the Answer
katie Herzig fools gold
Love & Light


thrown off the train
airline steward
katie Herzig
Love & Light

planet parsons 078

dark can’t sleep
serena Matthews staircase
Love & Light

planet parsons 077

Cold Bright & Sunny
Weekend walk
David Walliams
Steve Swindell and Dan Mingo
Love & Light

planet parsons 076

Porridge and Honey
mini the cat
stress levels…
the Brits the moonwalk
Tin tin…
John Romano Strawberry
Cannes film festival aged 17
Love & Light

planet parsons 075

Lunar eclipse
an opportunity to start again
Francis at work
Duffy Mercy
Justin Marcus
Love & Light

planet parsons 074

Monday late night
Felicity Kendall
Moon Eclipse soon
Frances….. that story to
be continued… wed..
very funny
serena matthews moon hanging low
Love & Light

planet parsons 073

its COLD -5 brrr!
thank you SO much for your emails
back for good
spring in step… feeling alive!!!
Funmilayo wallking on air..
Love & Light xx

planet parsons is coming back

Hello old friend its been too long
Parsons is back this week!
Love and light

Lynn Parsons

...has been broadcasting and producing her own radio shows for over 30 years.

She's been podcasting from the chalet at the bottom of her garden since August 2005 with The Chalet Show and The Red Light Zone.