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mild & windy in the Uk
Love & Light
reflective mood
ajero mario what child is this
Love & Light


St Trinians the movie
Ola Onabule soultown
david tennant Dr Who
Love & Light

planet_ parsons_068

Christmas day
Jingle Bells
Sir Ian McKellen
too much lunch
Dr Who with kylie
David Tennant mmmm!
Ed Derricut You got me
Love & Light

planet_ parsons_067

Cold frossty morning
BBC Radio 1 Kylie Minogue
BBC Radio 4 Michael Morpurgo
Warhorse Kensuki’s kingdom
box of tissues
the Golden Compass
read the book
Northern lights Phillip Pullman
it aint christmas without you
Hampton Court Sir Ian McKellan
Love & Light

planet_ parsons_066

sunshine but cold
Teatro theatre supergroup
Henry Winkler The Fonz
Panto peter Pan
False Moustaches
Anam Owili eger The moment
maybe Christmas day?
Love and Light

planet parsons 065

sorry lost the shownotes and have to dash to work
love this song so much that you got it again!
anduze just feel good
love & light

planet parsons 064

Shady nook
washing machine broken
underpants or G string?
the season to be jolly
how lucky are we?
those with/those without
saggy Knees
anduze just feel good
11 year old
love & light

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She's been podcasting from the chalet at the bottom of her garden since August 2005 with The Chalet Show and The Red Light Zone.