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planet parsons 042

a wet corner again
lovely photo of Nate
the art of happiness
count our blessings
you’ve got me Edwin Derricut
more rain standby Nate
love & light

planet parsons 041

Still raining
submarine chalet
raining in the desert
dean friedman well well said the rocking chair
love and light

planet parsons 040

weekend weather
overnight work
Tin Tin’s off road experience!
Mercedez Benz World Surrey
the Rain for Nate in the desert
charles simmons state of mind

planet parsons 039

sorry I’ve been quiet
sunshine pilots
McCartney D.I.N.
tardis tennis bbc sport
john lennon churchill
Tin tin’s surprise
christopher dallman nightime in the city

hope the sun is shining where you are

planet parsons 038

dark corners
charlie chaplins smile
words by john turner and geoffrey parsons
lay me down in jasmine
funmilayo my space

planet parsons 037

Bugsy Cream String
Wimbledon Tour de France
Live Earth Traffic
cats pooh weddings coloured balls
thunder downpours
Spring heeled jacks swinging jass band

planet parsons 036

Global Warming
Wind broomsticks
Bugsy Malone
Whipped Cream
spray string
cats and wimbledon
tim foley what a nice day

planet parsons 035

long time no squeak!
Blue Moon
Anita Baker/Fluff freeman
Tarrant/frank carson/pace of life
Great big Sea fast as I can

Lynn Parsons

...has been broadcasting and producing her own radio shows for over 30 years.

She's been podcasting from the chalet at the bottom of her garden since August 2005 with The Chalet Show and The Red Light Zone.