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planet parsons 014

can’t sleep
trip to Grenada Carribean W.I.
Tin tin Diane meditation
the many steps
hurricane Ivan
Rayko/Krb a simple love song
podsafe music network
walk along the river

planet parsons 013

long time no see
sunshine gallbladder
gold stones ebay
rachel pearl carribean
podsafe music network
Tin tin carribean rendevouz

planet parsons tuesday april 24th 2007

Hello.. woke up yesterday morning
with a nasty sore throat and absolutely
NO voice… normal service will be resumed
as soon as poss! hope the sun is shining
wherever you are…. Lynn Parsons x

planet parsons 012

Surprise!!! Tin tin called
& from Vegas airport pointed me
in right direction hoorah!
Cars Bugsy Malone
Christopher Dallman Driving to you
podsafe music network

planet parsons thursday april 19th 2007

hello show until monday now.
my technical wizzard is away and the
computer is playing tricks on me..
please check on monday and I should
be back in business again
hope the sun is shining where you are
Lynn x

planet parsons 011

email from Iain
bad news
corinthians 1 ch13 vs 4 – 7
jenny dalton cadence
podsafe music

planet parsons 010

Adam Adamant Gerald Harper
Mike Myers Austin Powers
Irene B PODSAFE Music network

planet parsons 008

Dad’s birthday
Hook the DVD
Robin williams Dame Maggie smith
Pirates Mobile Phones Swings
The lost boys
Peter Pan
Mr Zeeche like peter pan
from podsafe music network

planet parsons 007

‘What the bleep do we know?’
quantum physics.
molecular structure of water
Live Love Laugh Peace Joy health happiness
Charles simmons state of mind
podsafe music network

planet parsons 006

the beach looping the loop
Rod stewart ‘never wait or hesitate
get in kid before it’s too late, you
may never get another chance!’
cholly viva pour voce

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